A richer, more engaging advice experience

We’re passionate about our clients’ entire financial lives and see our role is to advise, coach and educate people to financial success.

Our innovative discovery process starts with a clear picture of where you want to be. It’s a vision that should energise and excite you, and help drive you towards the frequent small actions you’ll need to take to make it happen.

And if you’re not sure what your picture of the future looks like, we can help you figure that out. Because until we really know about you and your dreams, we’ve got no business talking about your money.

Only once we know what you want to achieve, can we work on developing the strategies to make it happen. Together we will work on your personalised blueprint – a financial plan that fits your life. You’ll come away with a real, workable plan customised to your strengths and dreams.

Finally, we’ll set the plan into action, and have you driving towards your dreams in no time.

And we’ll be there to provide ongoing support, guidance and accountability to help keep you on track as detours, twists and turns come your way.

When working together we know you want…

  • A trusted adviser that understands you and your situation
  • To understand options regarding your finances via ongoing education
  • To work with a team who respects you and your assets (no matter how big or small)
  • Solutions to problems. And not to be sold a product!
  • A team that helps monitor your progress and assists in making ‘course corrections’ to remain on-track
  • A team who’ll keep in touch

Our value lies in providing more of what really matters to you – clarity, confidence and control.

We do our best work helping three types of people...



Get your financial 'foundations' right

You’re earning good money and don’t know where it all goes. Or perhaps living pay-cycle to pay-cycle and can’t get ahead. Or maybe you have debt and want to pay it off as soon as possible...or dream of buying a home. Do you know how long you could survive financially, if you were unable to work?

Salary packaging, tax, superannuation, loans and offset accounts, life and disability insurance. Sounds confusing? That’s where we can help.

We have a proven plan to get you on-track so you can master your money, rather than the other way around. Together we address the foundations to financial success, including your cash flow, debt management, risk protection and estate planning needs.



Build significant wealth for a ‘work-optional’ lifestyle

Our goal is simple: to help transition you from a place of financial dependence – eg. on a job or the government – to financial independence.

Because at that point you’re truly able to live the life you want – your dream home, holidays, time with family and ultimately escaping the “rate race”. Financial freedom is not just about money and riches, but about being enriched. Because life’s not a rehearsal.

Our proven 8-step process to building a significant asset base is not a “get rich quick” scheme, but a “get rich slow-and-steady” program, considering property, shares, super, tax planning, debt management and other smart financial strategies.

A number of the Cornerstone Wealth team have, and continue to, build wealth using the exact strategies we recommend to clients. As a result, we teach and coach clients how to navigate their own wealth journey as a result of our own personal knowledge and experience. Rather than living life on auto-pilot, take action today!



Entering retirement or on the home-stretch to financial freedom

Your life may be more comfortable with most or all of the mortgage paid off. The kids are older and more independent and you’re thinking about your future and retirement. Or perhaps retiring now.

You have questions, and you want great answers.

  • Determine how much money you need for retirement
  • Create a plan to maximise your wealth as you approach retirement
  • Protect your existing assets and retire comfortably
  • Structure assets correctly to maximise social security benefits
  • Consider how to invest in growth assets and minimise risk
  • Reduce tax via the Transition to Retirement strategy
  • And more!