About Us

Who is Cornerstone Wealth?

We are a privately owned financial planning firm situated in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Our history dates back to 1989 helping Australians make smart choices about their money so they can build wealth, enjoy life and achieve financial freedom.

What makes us different?

  • Our relationships are built on respect, trust and integrity
  • We provide solutions to ALL your money “problems”
  • We are focused on outcomes to see you achieve your lifestyle goals and dreams
  • We provide superior ongoing client service, contact and advice
  • Our industry-unique wealth management program helps you build wealth fast and protect it

Partnership for life!

We believe that financial advice is not a one-off event – it requires ongoing attention and fine-tuning in response to an individual’s changing personal situation, as well as responding to product changes, investment markets, legislation and world economies.

As a result, we believe in an ongoing relationship to ensure your financial strategy and products are reviewed on a regular basis – so they remain appropriate for you and help maximise the probability of you achieving your financial and lifestyle goals.

We offer different ongoing solutions depending on what stage you’re at in your financial journey and the complexity of your financial situation and advice we provide. We will guide you, and recommend, which level of service is most appropriate for you as an ongoing service.

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