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2022 Federal Budget

2022 Federal Budget Analysis

The 2022/2023 Federal Budget was handed down on Tuesday 29 March by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg covers a range of measures aiming to reduce the pressure from increased costs of living and help people into homes. We have provided a summary below or you can view this video also. Summary Superannuation Continuation of the reduced minimum pension drawdown: […]
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What Does My Ideal Week in Retirement Look Like?

It can be difficult to picture yourself without a 9-to-5 job, even if part of that picture involves a beach-house or daily tee times. Where some retirees see carefree days and endless possibilities, you might be staring at a blank calendar worried that you’re going to go crazy without meetings, deadlines, and tasks that fill […]
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The escalation in Ukraine tensions – implications for investors

By Dr Shane Oliver (Head of Investment Strategy and Economics and Chief Economist, AMP). Article used with permission. Key points: Ukraine tensions have escalated with Russia ordering troops into Ukraine regions already occupied by Russian separatists. Share markets are at high risk of more downside on fear of further escalation and uncertainty about sanctions/gas supply […]
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Super opportunities you don’t want to miss

The Bill implementing the majority of the super changes proposed in the 2021-22 Federal Budget has passed both houses of Parliament and awaits royal assent. The Bill contains the following measures from 1 July 2022: changes to work test conditions extension of non-concessional bring-forward rule for people aged 67 to 74 reduced eligibility age for […]
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Could a Sabbatical Increase Your ROL (Return On Life)?

The personal and professional displacement we all experienced during the pandemic has inspired many people to reassess what work means to them. Rather than let these questions linger, it could be productive to approach them with a more formal plan of action, introspection, and recalibration. If your employer offers sabbatical benefits, now might be the […]
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What’s Your Debt Story and How Do You Feel About It?

In a recent study, half of Americans said their expenses are equal to or greater than their income (1). The statistics for Australians are likely to be quite similar. Revolving credit, particularly credit cards, is an increasingly significant part of the equation. The phrase “credit card debt” usually triggers red flags when we’re talking about […]
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Are You Living Your Life On Purpose?

Why, day in and day out, do you do the things that you do? Because you have to? Because you want to? Because you’ve had the same routine for years and you’re used to it?
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What is Your “Philosophy” on Insurance? Here’s What You Should Consider

Most people consider insurance an important part of their financial plan. But do you also have an insurance philosophy that you use to determine exactly how much coverage you need?
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3 Ways to Know When You Are Ready to Retire

There’s a pretty good chance that your parents and grandparents retired just because they turned 65. Today’s retirement is a bit more complicated than that.
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